Emergency Roof Repair Service

Leaks and roof damages are often a surprise, and property owners may find, when faced with this situation, that they don’t know where to turn. At Flynn Canada, emergency calls are a top priority. We provide emergency leak service around the clock, seven days a week. Our experienced and capable field crews identify the cause of your leak and execute the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

Our terms serve many geographic locations throughout Canada – chances are that we’re in your community, ready to respond within hours. A Flynn service crew can assess damage and provide the services necessary to keep your building protected. We supply:

  • A highly skilled, well-equipped workforce
  • Emergency programs tailored to each facility
  • Computerized Management software
  • Subcontact management
  • Quality control, technical training and safety programs
  • 24 hour emergency call centre 1.877.856.8566

IS YOUR ROOF LEAKING? Emergency roofing service: 1-877-856-8566 or click here to CONTACT US