The Robertson Building - Toronto, ON

Gardens in the Sky

There's a lot of talk about "greening" things these days, but the fact is that a green roof provides definite advantages, both in terms of environmental efficiency and usable space. As a founding member of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, we're big believers in going green from the roof down. As Canada's leading roofing contractor, our expertise makes us well-equipped to install, maintain, and service green roof systems.

What's a Green Roof?

Green roof systems are an actual extension of the roof, created using specially-designed root-repelling membranes, drainage systems, lightweight growing mediums, irrigation and leak detection systems, and regionally specific plant material.

What are the Benefits?

Simply, many—both economic and environmental. Buildings account for 30% of total energy use and 27% of greenhouse gas emissions (NRC). As urban centers continue to grow and develop, the benefits of incorporating Green Roof Systems into new and existing buildings are abundantly clear:

  • Increased energy efficiency (heating in the winter & cooling in the summer)
  • Longer building roof membrane life
  • Air purification
  • Noise pollution reduction
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Wasted space becomes amenity space
  • Storm water management/reuse reduces the burden on city's infrastructure
  • Ambient air temperature reduction (urban heat island effect)
  • LEED credit compliance