Solar Photovoltaic

Why Solar?

At Flynn Canada we believe in the power of science to dramatically improve people’s lives—and protect the planet we all share.  Science is helping transform the sun’s potential into clean, efficient energy the world needs to thrive.   Solar power is renewable, emission-free and easily integrated into new and existing buildings.

What is Solar PV?

Solar photovoltaics, or Solar PV, are solar cells made of silicon semiconductors that convert sunlight into direct-current (DC) electricity. Solar PV cells contain no moving parts, need no fuel, emit zero green house gas (GHG) emissions, are 100% silent, and are completely renewable. All they need to generate electricity is the gift from nature, the sun. They convert sunlight directly into electricity, which can be used for virtually any kind of application.

Our solar solutions provide the freedom of creativity for environmentally conscious designers and architects.  With a variety of options, integration into the building envelope is safe, simple and proven.

Let us help you recharge your real estate portfolio with rooftop solar energy.