Giffels Building East - Moncton, NB

New Roofing

Because new roofs are not installed in a controlled environment, these projects are filled with variables. The type of material, the way it's applied, job-site conditions, and plain old weather can all affect a project. But even with all those variables, Flynn strives to deliver a top-quality, durable roof. In addition to our own standards for quality, we adhere to the guidelines set out by the Canadian Roofing Contractors' Association ("CRCA"), of which we're proud members. The CRCA's recommendations for roofing and flashing details are practical and proven for Canadian conditions.

We also pay close attention to safety throughout the installation of a new roof. Our safety practices are designed to ensure that our staff and the other trades working on-site stay safe and healthy for the entire project. Thanks to our efforts, we've been recognized as one of the safest companies in Canada – something we're extremely proud of.

Working Together

Our national network of offices serves clients across the country. The Flynn team works diligently with new project specifiers, designers, membrane manufacturers and general contractors to achieve the best roof assembly possible at the most competitive prices in the country.

Once a contract has been settled, we carefully review construction schedules and project details with the owner and the applicators before the roofing project begins. From concept to completion, Flynn Canada is the owner's link to lasting quality.